About Davis

What makes Davis programs Different from Other Dyslexia correction programs?


  • Dyslexia is seen as a gift - a perceptual talent
  • Does not use phonic-based teaching to master words
  • Does not use rote learning
  • Does not use colour overlays or larger print
  • Medication free means of managing attention and focus

Other Methods

  • Dyslexia is considered a learning disability
  • Use phonics-based techniques
  • Relies on repetition and drill
  • Rely on external tools to resolve perceptual distortions
  • Rely on medications

Why Clay? The Story Behind our use of Clay to Model Words and Ideas

Ron Daviss story

In 1980, at age 38, Ronald Dell Davis overcame his own severe dyslexia when he found a way to quickly eliminate common perceptual distortions. For the first time in his life, he could read and enjoy a book without struggling. To his surprise and delight, he soon learned that the simple mental exercise he had discovered for himself seemed to work just as well for other dyslexic adults who tried it out.

Dyslexia according to Davis