My daughter of 12 has been extremely confused by Maths for years and when I heard about the Maths Mastery Davis program I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. What I liked most about the program is how Belinda personalizes her approach to each individual’s specific needs. For my daughter she identified the gaps and was filling them to give her a solid mastery and experience of basic maths concepts which she hadn’t grasped in her early years because of her Visio spatial thinking. The tools my daughter has acquired go beyond mastering maths. They have given her the ability to better manage her stress and emotions, to focus and build self-confidence. Belinda has a warm, authentic approach with children that really builds trust and a belief that one can go above and beyond!! A big thank you Belinda for your support !! January 2021.
Mother of Sienna (Age 12)
Davis Math Made Easy Programme
We have approached Belinda for the spelling/reading issue due to dyslexia. After the assessment with her, Alice has chosen instead the math program (8 days). She has been very enthusiastic since the beginning and hasn’t complained one single time. The goal for Alice (and for us) was to give her tools to stay focus and to overcome difficulties. The holistic approach has allowed Alice to work on many different aspects that impact on her learning skills: she is more focused, can recognize her frustration and disorientation and is now able to focus again and concentrate better. She is more aware of what’s happening around her, she can better control her feelings and reactions. From an academic point of view she feels more confident about math and spelling and the motivation and determination to do her homework has improved a lot. It has been a great journey for Alice and we truly recommend Belinda.
Silvia, mother of Alice (age 12)
Davis Math Mastery Program
When I met Ms. Pollock, she suggested I should read the book “The Gift of Dyslexia”. My son was having difficulties in school, really struggling. “Why should I read this book if my son does not see the letters backwards?”, but she explained to me what dyslexia was and that her son had benefited immensely from this program. So I read the book and she offered to work with my son as a Davis Facilitator. It has been one of the best decisions in our lives as it has helped my son in ways I did not imagine. He is able to read better, focus better, and the most important is that he realises that he can do it!
Mother of 16 year old son
Davis Dyslexia Correction and Attention Mastery Programs
My son Aynil (7) was showing difficulties at school with learning to read. He couldn`t memorise the alphabetic letters and started putting into place loads of mechanisms in order to avoid having to read… The excuses could vary from crying, being tired or throw fits every time we would sit down to read a word! Thanks to the Davis method and Belinda, he was able to enjoy learning the alphabetic words while playing with the modelling clay. He was able to memorise them and soon master them. He also started to enjoy sitting down in front of a text and looking for similar words. He slowly gained confidence and started to find pleasure in the learning process. The program was very beneficial for him. Belinda is a really good facilitator, very kind, patient and she really masters the program. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who feels that it could be beneficial for them.
Mother of 7 year old son
Davis Young Learners Reading Program (Reading difficulties prevention program)
Thank you Belinda for you passion, your love and patience with my child during our two weeks together and afterwards. Coming into the safe environment that you created for him every day for two weeks allowed him to grow in confidence and to believe in himself enough to open up to the tools of the course as well as to transfer to the tools that the school is offering him through their program. I really appreciate your follow-up with us after the class and your faith in him which is so effusive that it gives me confidence to continue forward on our journey in learning to read. BOTH of us learned a lot from you!
Mother of 7 year old son
(Davis Young Learners Program)
I did the Davis program with Belinda a few months before my IB exams. Not only was the program itself very fun and varied but it actually made me fully understand the things I experience on a day to day basis. I was taught to identify my energy levels and those of other people as well as the conditions that cause me to disorientate which was and still is especially useful for school. The program helped me to improve on notions such as time, space, order etc. The results I observed from this were my improvement in keeping my personal space and belongings in order and decluttered. I was also able to complete all the questions on my IB exam papers which I previously could not always do in the given time. The tools that I was taught to use (release, energy dial and orientation point which i sense as hands on my shoulders) allowed me to keep calm during my exams. They also really help me to get to sleep at night! Although I occasionally forget to use them, I am very lucky to have been given these tools. Thank you, Belinda
Daisy `C` (18 year old)
Davis Attention Mastery Program
Je voulais encore te remercier pour cette incroyable semaine que nous avons passé avec toi (et avec Davis!). Tu as su trouver les mots justes avec Maxime, sans le forcer, toujours dans l’encouragement et la bienveillance. Tu lui a redonné confiance, tu as mis en avant ses capacités de mémorisation, de lecture et de création. La Méthode Davis est vraiment parfaite pour démontrer que la dyslexie n’est pas un handicap mais un don et Maxime avait vraiment besoin d’entendre cela ! Il a fait ce programme dans la joie et la bonne humeur, sans jamais se plaindre une seul fois, content qu’on lui donne enfin des outils pour s’en sortir. Lui qui n’aimait pas lire, il a fait les exercices volontiers et les progrès pendant ces 5 jours ont été incroyables. Merci Belinda de lui avoir transmis les outils nécessaires pour que sa vie (et la mienne par la même occasion) soit plus douce, j’espère juste qu’il saura les utilisés à bon escient!
S Vuichoud Mother, 11 year old son:
Davis Dyslexia Correction Program